Mike (Cis-M / 20's / He, Him) Southeast Asian American in the 626

No I don't look like Bruno Mars or Dante Basco SMH!


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"I guess"
- I disagree with you but ill let you have this one because I don’t feel like debating anymore with your simple ass   (via slayr)

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The epitome of friendship summed up in three stills 👌

Your fave Leah politicalsexkitten in her glorious drunken prime with her token mayo T steadfast by her side.



i found the cowboy bebop font

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Talking and flirting with hot people is so hard cuz u gotta pretend theyre a 5 but really theyre a 13 and u gotta be chill and act like theyre aesthetics dont make you lose your shit on a second to second basis

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Half life 3 announced?!

what the fuck when

plz dont submit to me random risque pics when you’re not over 18 and especially on anon as i just typically assume you’re not of age anyway and i delete that shit faster than you can say half life 3 this has been a psa thank u

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↖ has a nice butt
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Would you recommend it? I haven’t seen anything about it

if you like good music a fun rhythm game yes like its stellar if you are a huge FF fan like me but in general the tunes are gr8 

its basically what the first theatrhythm should of been tbh

basic and expert are fairly easy except for a few songs, then the difficulty and challenge ramps the fuck up on ultimate like force your way is kicking my ass 20 seconds in 

versus mode against other people online complete with attacks that mess up your song such as tempo change , note obscuring is quite enjoyable imo

that then the mini rpg elements like customizing your fave party with various skills is fun too

anyway YES

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Jesus mike how much have you been playing where youre at lvl99

Honestly, i’m at like 50k rhythmia…. and my vivi has been reset like 6 times… but he’s at full CP because i farmed Mover cards to give him the CP he needed

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What are you playing?

Final fantasy theatrhythm curtain call!

EXP hound scrolls yaaaaaa

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Rhydon Pokemon