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Hi how was everyone’s day today?

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  1. fightbadguys answered: good i finally have a post with 4500 + ^-^ you?
  2. senpaiizuri answered: i ate a stick in math for a bet.
  3. my-google-chromies answered: i fell asleep for three hours, so that was the height of my day.
  4. bbakakata answered: Didn’t sleep all night :D all ready for my exam now
  5. smilelikeyouneedit answered: It was kinda shitty for most of it, but then I went to choir tonight and it was fun and yeah it made it a lot better :)
  6. textpoops answered: Someone made a post about how happy they were i followed them and that doesnt happen so often so im pretty happy.
  7. dill-der answered: AMAZING i got to talk to my boyfriend!!! aSdFgHjkL;
  8. dying-dying--dead answered: Good thanks :) how was yours?
  9. hailey-holla answered: Good, because of your funny blog :)
  10. eastcoasthoe answered: very nice
  11. twerknugget answered: Boring and miserable
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