(Cis-M / He, Him / 20's)

Hey its ya boy Mike in SoCal, discussing important issues like racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, etc is my game coupled with some memery and anime for good measure. Also no I don't look like Dante Basco or Bruno Mars


Ok honestly how many of you thought i was gay when you first started following me?
  1. strangersgotnothing answered: Yes.
  2. infitsofpassion answered: not me babe.
  3. majortwink answered: you’re not gay?
  4. super-fluke answered: you are right?
  5. honey-wheat answered: *slowly raises hand* if it helps i consider everyone on tumblr gay til proven straight including me
  6. watermeat answered: I was painfully aware that you were straight T-T
  7. ineedtogooutside answered: i thought you were a helicopter
  8. dialupmodem answered: nope
  9. bucket-thief answered: when did i start following you
  10. angryevilbisexual answered: unfollow and blocked
  11. arekelly answered: youre not gay?
  12. one-hamburger answered: I didn’t
  13. blandsexual answered: I thought you were Bi
  14. rhydonmyhardon posted this
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