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3DS or go 30 bucks more for the 3DS XL?

and no dont give me the get a vita bit bc i dont want a vita rn

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  1. kantoleaguemaster answered: 3ds xl if youre dishing out money just go big
  2. flowerbudlibrarian answered: I personally love playing on the XL.
  3. bloodyoathmate said: I have the same bloody problem
  4. cowboythegirl answered: They’re coming out with a 3DS XL? Wow, that’s kind of cool. Hopefully the graphics are better than the first XL.
  5. canugadoshmuple said: they’re both 3-D the real question is do you want it HUUUUUGE or just normal? i say just the regular size :3
  6. canugadoshmuple answered: they
  7. optimismkilledthecat said: 3DS, it looks really cool and the images do too, but the DSXL is just too big and weird looking idk
  8. lendra-chan answered: 3DS I say. But I’m cheap as FUCK so…
  9. johnisevil answered: Just get the regular 3DS, its more portable!
  10. fiftyshadesoffuckoff answered: I love my 3DS XL
  11. dialupmodem answered: 3DS XL, worth the $30
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